Sunday, June 20, 2010

Untitled 26

New song.
First time playing it.
And also:
New vocal amp from garage sale.
Great Price.

Bad purchase.

[Good thing Danny works on electronics in his spare time.]

So far, this is what I'm singing. This may change.

When I was a kid
I always thought that I'd be someone big
Always dreamed that I'd be important
Someone more than this...

Now I'm 26
My songs have never been radio hits
Albums never make the years best list
Some kind of artist that I turned out to be...

But dreams
Like memories
They only
Last as long
As you hold on to them
Then they're gone...

Thanks for watching/listening.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pulling Thread

So, as promised, here is the cover song that just sort of happened.

This is how it sort of just happened:
I was in the middle of setting up my guitar levels and Danny was just warming up on a few things. All of the sudden he played an intro that I've heard hundreds of times and I just jumped in. You can see him hesitate after he plays the intro because he didn't think that I was going to jump in, and you can hear me really fuddle the first few bars for the above mentioned reasons.

Wrapped up in all of it's flaws, here it is.

More to come soon.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Good grief...

Last week Danny and I played through and video recorded about 6 songs.

-Black and Yellow Shirt
-Memorial Day Dream
-Cough Drop
-I went too
-[untitled B.S.S. sounding song]
-Secret cover song that just kind of happened

We also did quite a bit of noodling around with new ideas as well as just plain noodling.

We worked on "Black and Yellow Shirt" for about a half hour.
The video below is probably our best run through.
The ending is too long and we will shorten it, but we were both just trying to get a feeling for what to do with the last part.

Oh. And just to warn you. Audio/Video Lag City.

Commentary now available in the form of cheesy video text.

Maybe I'll post the cover song tomorrow.

Here's a hint:
"It's been a while man. Life's so rad..."


Lots of dogs.

Know it?