Friday, September 9, 2011

Matilda has gone mobile.

Recently Matilda and me had a portable cellular telephone screen die on us. And it was one of those magic screens that knows when you're touching it and responds to your fingers and such. You know what I'm talking about.
Anyway, the old phone had to be replaced and we knew a friend who had a super fancy dance-y intelligent phone that he wasn't using so we called him up on the broken phone which was really hard to do considering it was broken and all and we called him up and said, "Fred!" because that's his name and we said, "Fred. We'd like to buy the phone you're not using."
And so now we have an iPhone and it connects to the Internet and I'm using it right now to type up this here blog. Isn't that strange? Here I am talking to you over the Internet only using a phone.

It's a weird weird world out there I tell you what.

Anyways. We'll be able to post Matilda news as it happens now with pictures and updates and words and so on.

Can't wait to be connected just by my brain. Like if I could tell my brain to think something and just like that it thought it and you all could read my mind. That would be pretty neat.

That's all for now. Hope everyone is doing well. New music is a-coming.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hear here... They're there.

So there's been some upsets.
Some downturns in production.

Some kinks in the hose that waters the creative lawn.

Unfortunately my laptop is sprouting grey hairs and needs to walk with a cane.
And you might say, "That's not that big of a deal. I started using AOL 3.0 again on a my mom's old dial up Dell."
And that's cool you're so ahead of the curve when it comes to manufactured nostalgia... I'm sure soon enough it'll be a thing. Just like how cassette tapes are cool. [I should know, Songs from the moon and I just released one]
But there's lots of cool things out there. There are GameBoys used for necklace bling, 8-bit music labels, re-manufactured Schwinn bicycles to look retro, or that t-shirt of some 80's metal band you listen to to be "ironic."
Oh, and neon slap bracelets, leggins with Ninja Turtles on them, sunglasses you borrowed from your grandmother and other faded fads.

[None of the above, "hipster criticism" actually bothers me. It bothers me that people obsess over analyzing kids/young adults these days though. Note to world: it's not a big deal.]

But as I was saying, my laptop is dying. It constantly turns off from exhaustion and being over heated. And I know I could just use an old 4-track and recording everything to tape like I did in the late 90's when I first started recording, but even then I would still need a way to get it to you.
And for that I need internets... Or all of your mailing addresses.
But I'd rather spread it around the web, that way you don't feel obligated to "check it out" - or like it out of pity because I took the time to send it.

So lately I've been recording ideas to tape just as a placeholder until I can fix this computer, or record elsewhere.

And recently I was offered by an old friend his home studio for him to get practicing recording different things. And I said yes, and I'm excited. His fake name is Dan Petro and he helped me record Before and After the Fact... as well as 7503 Prospect.

Nothing has been recorded yet, for I've been busy with other stuff.
"What other stuff?"
Well, I'm getting married in October and that's pretty much top priority... A lot of planning, and making things, and preparing... And spending time with Julie and my dog, and the few friends I see on a regular basis... And I'm in a band called Songs from the moon and we're recording a punk EP and another EP right after that... and we're making a music video, and re-releasing the handmade split tape as a handmade split CD-R... and I just got promoted at my job... so a lot is going on right now.

But as soon my schedule links up with Dan Petro we'll do some recording.
He said, "I've got this shit that's going to make you sound professional as hell," which will be strange for a Matilda record, but I'm all about trying out new sounds, trying new things musically, and new ways to make recordings.

So, to sum up:
1. I'm still making music in Matilda, Songs from the moon, etc.
2. There's new stuff in the works, and it'll be out soonish, even though my personal recording process was put on hold.
3. I'm still updating a blog I'm not sure anyone looks at, let alone reads, and I suppose it doesn't really matter to me. I like documenting the Matilda history.

This is all.

My parting gift to you is:
If you want to feel better today, listen to Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Marnie Stern, The Rentals, Daniel Johnston, and The Dead People.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The big pictures...


This is my "say skinny jeans," cheese face.

Me and Jon played a impromptu weirdo open mic show at AJ's cafe in Ferndale on Monday evening as Songs from the moon. When we walked off stage we had played for about a half hour to a crowd of 4-6 people. Maybe 2 people were listening to us [Thanks Julie!]. We decided to dress in white shirts and black ties to be smooth open mic criminals. So the above photo was taken after our set. And the below photo was also taken that evening, but also includes my partner in cafe house crime, Jon B.


All in all, it was fun but a little disappointing that the cafe was so empty. I'm not sure if it's the weather, or maybe just the state of the economy, but I remember in years past open mic nights usually would bring in at least 10 people who weren't performing. Especially on a Monday when not a lot else is going on. Drifters walking by, stopping in to see the folk on stage pouring their heart out for an audience of strangers.

Oh well.

In Matilda news:

The new album is going along alright.
I've taken a little break from actually recording to re-write a few things, and "perfect the beat" if you will, before I put music to tape. I'm basically practicing the songs I have finished. Messing around with melody, writing little piano trills or the like in my head. Finding good harmonies.

I have Thursday off, and I plan on knocking out some drum tracks during the day. I was thinking I'd record multiple songs at the same time, instead of the usual "work on this one song over and over until it's done" mentality. So Thursday I'll do drums and scratch tracks for a couple of new songs and that way I have a base, or a foundation for the songs so when the inspiration hits me for a specific song, I can work on that.


In the spirit of the last minute open mic, I think I'm going to do a few Matilda open mic nights in the near future. If/when this happens, I'll post it here.

Good evening to ya'll.

Good night.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New album in the works... Don't tell nobody.

Howdy Reader.

Me and Matilda and Dotty have been working on new material.

How much new material?

A fair amount.
We recently recorded one instrumental (tentatively titled, "Says Me"), one normal sing-y song-y (tentatively titled, "That's One Big Fucking Bird"), and one ballad which currently has 4 versions (probably going to be called, "It's Not Supposed To Be Like This pt. 1").

The ballad has been recorded four times because I just keep thinking of new ways to do it so I try it that way. Or I record something and get another idea, and record that with the first thing and it just turns into so much audio-crap piled on top of one another that I feel it has lost the feeling.


We're not sure when things are going to be nearing the "done" stages, but the work has been steady.
We're not sure how many songs are going to be recorded before it feels like a done record, but we have about 14 - 18 (depending on how we cut them up) ready to go.
We're not sure what were going to call the new one, but the code name right now is Fishnets and Regrets.
I guess when it comes down to it, we're not exactly sure about a lot of what is going on for this album in progress...
But we do know a few things.

We are sure that we're having a nice time.
We're sure we're trying to make a good record this time.
We're sure that there is a possibility some of you will like it, or at least like us enough to listen to a few minutes of it, tell us you listened to the whole thing, tell us, "Yeah, it's good. I like it," even when you didn't really like it and it didn't hold your interest.

The good news is, I've decided to preview version 2 of 4 (or as I like to call it, 1.1 because it's the same song) of the ballad mentioned above.

  It's Not Supposed To Be Like This pt 1.1 [work in progress] by Mathilda

Hope it hits your ears at a good angle.

We love you...

For realz.

--The man and women of Matilda

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Do you want more fucking photos?

Do you?
Do you want more fucking photos???

And by "fucking photos" I don't mean the ones you see on the internet while looking for masturbation help, or the ones covered by cardboard at the local liquor store. I just mean "Matilda related photos", but I wanted to be a bit crass and brash.

Well, if you do, I made a Matilda Photobucket.

If you want more actual "fucking photos" -- like the XXX kind, I can't help you there... Well, I could, but I don't know if Julie would be too happy about it. But, Google works wonders. Just type in any sick, weird, perverted thing you can think of and turn off safe search and Google Image that shit.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Here's my portion of the show on USTREAM. 

Video streaming by Ustream

Or watch it here:

More to come soon.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cha-check it out!


Try these on.

Then go to Simple Living Ferndale and buy them up.

God damn it.

In the great words of O.D.B.,
"Fuck ya'll ev'ry body!"

Matilda & Shaun

Sunday, May 22, 2011

After The Rapture...

Here are some pictures of the show.
Thank you to everyone who came out and endured the beginning stages of the Rapture with us.
Fun was seemingly had by all, but you never know with kids these days.

Friday, May 20, 2011

New Blog Look. New Pix... Oh, and The Rapture starts tomorrow.

Today is the 20th of May:
So I hope everyone is prepared for their ascend to Heaven tomorrow...

or, (if you're like me) you're gearing up for the best 5 month orgy - murder - natural disaster - drug OD party EVER!
(What on Earth am I going to wear?)

Tomorrow is The Rapture according to some people who are getting a lot of press.
Can I get a "whoop whoop" for Armageddon?
Can I get an Amen?

I figured it would be a good time to change around the blog. I have a neat new header up there, and a new "darker/sinner" overall feel now with the slightly abstract black background.

On a different note, Tonight is my show!
Phoenix Cafe [just south of 10mile, on John R, in good ol' Hazel Park]
I'll be arriving around 8pm. People will play music around 9pm.

It's going to be very relaxed. More of a gathering than a show.

And if you play music and feel like playing a few songs, by all means, come on down and play a few
[I'm really liking the "bold" button this post]

And also, I have some pictures of my side of the finished cassette sleeves.

Penis Vein

"O" Face

Fishnet Body Suit

S.-ing a D.

Porn Stash

Hand in Panties

Nip Slip

I hope to see you there tonight. Tapes will be 5 bucks [if you want to buy a tape], but it's free to get in, and it's BYOB, if you're into that sort of thing.

Can't wait to see you at the after (rapture) party on the 21st.


Matilda & Shaun

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

50 done!

Hello Reader:

I have been burning the candle at both ends trying to finish at least 50 tapes before our show on Friday. I'm proud to announce that I have done just that.

Here is proof.


supplies: white out, paint, markers, colored pencils, ink pens, stencils, etc

looking North

5 stacks of 10

looking South

Here's 2 that Julie designed

#47, 48, 49, & 50

Today I helped Jon finish up a few little recording things for his side. And we're going to start working on the sleeves soon. He's downstairs right now recording a small drum part.

And... (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I'm buying Matilda a friend today. Her name is Dottie.

More about that later.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's [mostly more] done.

 So I finally got everything figured out. Only took about an hour and a half to figure out why it was only recording on the left... That could have been 6 tapes... oh well.
After that I went out and got some supplies, made one of the worst stencils ever, and went to work.

Thought I'd post some pictures of past and present progress.

75 tapes

where the so called magic happens

all the cool kids are doing it

all the cooler kids are doing this

3 down. 72 to go.

As of right now, I have 7 done. And it's time to go to work. Hopefully in the next few days I can get things moving a bit more.