Monday, April 12, 2010

Broken Social Scene Presents...

Broken Social Scene Presents ... Matilda and Friends!

Today's installment has us blatantly ripping off Broken Social Scene.

We're thinking about sending these videos over to the guys [and gals] and maybe they'd let us tour with them, or even join the ever-changing band.

In all honesty, we were just playing around with different chord changes, and drum lines, and these ended up sounding a lot like BSS. The odd cuts in video [starting and stopping] is because there were multiple variations of these "songs" [like nearly 20 minutes of each].

Anyhow, thanks to Kevin Drew for inspiration.

Part one

Part Two

Regardless of inspiration, and the final output [if there is one] of these songs, I like them a lot. They make me kind of want to dance. And write cool lyrics about mundane things. And get like 12 other people to play them with us. And on, and on...

Good fun.

Soon, we'll start to upload some more serious things.


I promise.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Glitch / Rock [Trials and tribulations of band-dom]

First up:
One of our finer moments captured on webcam.

It's hard to hear the keyboard part that I'm playing because my laptop microphone doesn't pick up tones that low, but as you'll see from the video, it was pretty loud.

Vibration City.

"What happened?"
"Ummm. Where's my laptop?"
"Did it fall back there?"
"Whoa. Is it broken?"

For our next trick:

Danny and I had been playing for a while, and I decided to break out a slide-tuning and try and write something on the fly. At one point near the end of the video, you see Julie standing at the door with a slipper in her hand. Earlier that day before she went to work she had asked me to, "make sure the dog doesn't eat my slipper."
Needless to say, I did not make sure that the dog didn't get the slipper and she wasn't too happy with me when she got home.


"Can I use that?"
"I need to pay some bills."
"And if you see her with my slippers..."
"No, that's why I closed the bedroom door. I didn't think she had it out there."

This is the life musicians dream of.

Dream on, young-ins.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Country Redneck Freckle Speck

Here are a few more gems/jams/ phlegm/ what have you.

The levels are not very good on both video and mp3.

This is a little country warm-up, tear-down thing we've been doing. Just a bunch of finger tapping and drum fills.
Not sure yet if it'll find it's way into finished song land, but it's fun to play.
At times in this video, the drums kind of take over the sound, but it's worth it. Danny does some nice work.

And here is an old song that was never put on any Matilda album that we're re-imagining, which basically means, it's a whole new song.

M and F - redneck part 3 by Mathilda

For now the song is called 'Redneck'

This is sort of what I'm singing:

Here's a redneck
peck on the cheek.
I'm trading sweets
for teeth.

And how far
would you drive
for my
best impression
of a Sunday car ride

Just because you've found me
doesn't mean that I'm hiding
I just fed
all my friends
to the dogs

Just in case you're listening
doesn't mean that I'm singing
just exchanging feelings
of the things
that I saw.

Sound Cloud

Along with video, we'll also be uploading tracks to listen in on via SoundCloud, like this:

M and F - Memorial Day Dream by Mathilda

This is an old Matilda song that we are currently re-working called "Memorial Day Dream."
I think this was our third time playing it, so bear with it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Starts and Stops

This is the beginning of a re-birth.
We've decided to start playing old solo songs as a group and also write new ones in the process.
This process is slow going, so don't get your hopes up.