Saturday, June 5, 2010

Good grief...

Last week Danny and I played through and video recorded about 6 songs.

-Black and Yellow Shirt
-Memorial Day Dream
-Cough Drop
-I went too
-[untitled B.S.S. sounding song]
-Secret cover song that just kind of happened

We also did quite a bit of noodling around with new ideas as well as just plain noodling.

We worked on "Black and Yellow Shirt" for about a half hour.
The video below is probably our best run through.
The ending is too long and we will shorten it, but we were both just trying to get a feeling for what to do with the last part.

Oh. And just to warn you. Audio/Video Lag City.

Commentary now available in the form of cheesy video text.

Maybe I'll post the cover song tomorrow.

Here's a hint:
"It's been a while man. Life's so rad..."


Lots of dogs.

Know it?

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