Sunday, July 25, 2010

Live Show on Sound Cloud

Hello Reader!

The live show Danny and I played was recently uploaded to our Sound Cloud page, and in celebration of that I'll be posting all of those songs right here...

Right NOW!

 01 Cough Drop by Mathilda

 02 Memorial Day Dream by Mathilda

 03 Black n' Yellow Shirt by Mathilda

 04 End of the Park by Mathilda

 05 Untitled 26 by Mathilda

 06 2 Birds 1 Stone by Mathilda

 07 Sea Life by Mathilda

Video of the event coming soon...


Saturday, July 17, 2010

They came, they saw, they exited the basement...

We played our first show yesterday!

Felt really good!

Aside from sweating so much that I couldn't see, everything seemed nice.

I'd like to thank all ya'll who stayed down for the whole set even though it felt like we were in an incense filled dryer with a mold and cigarette scented dryer sheet set on high heat.

I'd also like to thank Chops and Jason for having us over, and doing their things.

Our set list was:
[Improvised warm-up tune]
1 Cough Drop
[Guitar Tuning]
2 Memorial Day Dream
3 Black n' Yellow Shirt
[Broken String repair]
4 End of the Park
[Guitar Tuning]
5 Untitled # 26 (fishnets & regrets)
6 Two Birds, One Stone
7 Sea Life

Here are some pictures courtesy of Jon Berz.

More to come soon... We had Jon also record the show with a nice little hand held recorded, and there was videos taken.

After I filter through all of it, I'll be posting it.

Thanks again.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Duck[s] and Cover

Blogger was acting a little weird on me during my last post.

I tried to upload 4 videos and it error-ed out two of them...

So I'm trying to upload a few more in a separate post with a similar name. So if you haven't seen the other post called "Duck and Cover[s]", then check that one out too.

The videos in the last post, as well as this one, all come from the same rehearsal.

The first video shows the birth, life, and death of many cover songs.
Starting as a joke, I told Danny that one of his drum parts sounded like a Blink -182 song, then decided to play "Damnit" - Then totally regretted it.

Then Danny wanted to test my Weezer song knowledge, so we went through 4 at random. Some of them I hadn't played or listened to in quite a while.

It's all about having fun when your practice room is about 96 degrees with no fans or air movement.

So here's "Damnit El Scorcho Say It Ain't So In the Garage My Name Is Jonas"


Here is a preview of a new songs we're ironing out. Tentative title is "Says Me Street." What you'll hear see is us working on verse one and chorus/freak out which is worded for you below.

I'm saying:
Bet you're nobody's Big Bird
Bet you're nobody's swan
Bet you're nobody's ugly duckling
Stuck face down in the swamp

The truth is gorgeous
And you're oblivious

[There are more lyrics, but it'll wait until the song is done.]

Remember this is our first time around it. Don't expect quality.

I'm debating on if it is a good idea to bring my laptop to the house show, just for documentation...
Because that's what I want this blog to be.
A history of this band.
The evolution of our songs and shows and ideas.

Maybe I'll just bring a camera and have Julie take pictures/vids.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Duck and Cover[s]

Our show is next Friday.
That's the 16th of July.
We're playing first.
We're playing to a crowd of people who all know us, which, is probably a lot more nerve racking that playing to strangers, but we'll see how it goes...

I can't remember the address exactly, but if you really want to go, just get a hold of me or Danny and we'll let you know the exact location and time. Even if I could remember it off the top of my head, I'd feel weird about posting it on a blog. It's a house show. Some one actually has to live there after the night is over. I'd feel bad about inviting the whole internet.

Sorry internet.

Here is a bunch of shit for you to watch/listen to.

It feels like we're getting better, but we may not be.

Instead of always calling this "untitled" or "# 26", I'm changing the name to "Fishnet and Regret" for tonight. Maybe it'll be called something else next Friday.

"2 birds 1 Stone"

This is what I'm saying:

You're still sleeping in my big bed
Leaving your scent
On the exact same sheets
That we
Slept in
In our first apartment

But now you're not mine anymore
I don't yet have the heart to
Let you sleep on the floor
In a house we moved in to
With a few of your friends

So for me
It's been weeks
Under strangers sheets
And tonight I feel weak

So for me it's been weeks
Under strangers sheet and when I feel weak
I reach for
All the bottom shelf drinks
Because they're cheap
And they'll put me to sleep

And if I don't wake up anymore
Fuck the dual funeral
It just seems forced
Just promise you won't
Bury her next to me
I'm afraid we'll be in love when we sleep

And after years of being underneath
An earthquake could shake
Our caskets and we might be touching
Our corpses cuddling
While we eternally dream

Don't let it be
Two birds under one stone

Thursday, July 1, 2010

House Party 4: Down to the Last Minute

Hello internet!

Whenever I'm on netflix trying to look up the television show "Party Down" the movie "House Party 4: Down to the Last Minute" shows up on the list.

A couple things.

1. Our first show.

Our ["our" being Shaun and Danny] mutual friend Chops is throwing a house party/show at his house in the near future and has asked us to play. We said, "yes." We are very, very excited. We don't have all the details as of yet, but we were asked - and that's good enough for me to want to blog about it.

I do know there will be other bands. Probably.
I know it'll be loud if said bands play.
I know there is a possibility me and Danny might suck, or play very well.
If you come you'll probably hear us play a lot of the stuff on this blog.

And I also know that when I get the details ironed out, I'll post them here.

2. New video practice recording process.

Decided (because the sound has been so terrible) that I would start using a real microphone instead of the built in one on my laptop to record the audio of our practices. I hung up a condenser mic in the middle of the room and angled it toward my guitar/vocal amps. The videos below are using the new recording method. The guitar and vocals are still a bit too low, so I'll probably be setting up a second mic right in front of those above mentioned sounds for our next rehearsal... But these sound better than before.

3. New videos of practice

[And a new video angle!]

Here's a solo Matilda song we just started playing.
It comes from the record "People Only Listen to Recorded Music"
[or the aforementioned record's younger, better brother album, "People Only Listen to Recycled Music"].

2 Birds, 1 Stone

And behind door number 2.
A song we've posted before.
Maybe more than once.
And we're more than likely still working out that ending...

[drum roll]

Black n' Yellow Shirt

[cymbal crash!]

Thanks for sticking with us.
[Even if I'm just posting videos to 3 people, it feels nice to know someone is checking it out.]

We're starting getting the ball rolling now.
Things should become more exciting.

But, then again, you never know.