Thursday, December 9, 2010

Snow Days and Warm Ups

Above is the "warm up" video from the house show we played last summer. This isn't a song per se, we were just playing some improv stuff so the kids would know we were ready to start the show.
The most memorable part of the show was how hot it was in that basement... That and the fact that half of everyone there was too busy trying to sleep with someone [read: anyone, or anything] else to watch music being performed.

Anyway. Things have slowed a bit with Danny and me and Matilda now that the snow has come. We no longer live in the same city, let alone the same house, so we haven't practiced in a while. He's busy with the other bands he's in, and I've been writing material for a new Matilda record. I'm also in the staring stages of a few other projects I have in the works.

Probably around Christmas I'm going to release 3 new Matilda albums. The last album I put out was a re-working of an old album, then a cover record before that, so, there hasn't been any new original music in over 2 years... And it's not because I haven't been working on it. I just haven't felt like anything was finished. And now that I've been formulating another record, and I'm close to having it all written and figured out, this giant pool of unfinished songs needs to be released before I start recording the new, new album.

Initially I was going to just release all of the songs together as a "b-side" comp or something, but they're not b-sides, they're a part of something that is unfinished. Unfinished as an album, or even some are unfinished as a song. So I think that I'm going to release them as separate albums, but put them in a different category, or maybe sub-label them... Like, "From the Sounds Collection: 2009 Clawson Apartment Songs" - or something like that.

As soon as I post them up, I'll post a link up here, as well as just about everywhere else.
If anything else exciting happens, I'll let you know. Lately, it's been pretty uneventful in the land of Mathilda, but I hope to change that soon.

I'm also thinking about looking into a label, if anyone has any ideas, send me an e-mail.

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