Thursday, April 8, 2010

Country Redneck Freckle Speck

Here are a few more gems/jams/ phlegm/ what have you.

The levels are not very good on both video and mp3.

This is a little country warm-up, tear-down thing we've been doing. Just a bunch of finger tapping and drum fills.
Not sure yet if it'll find it's way into finished song land, but it's fun to play.
At times in this video, the drums kind of take over the sound, but it's worth it. Danny does some nice work.

And here is an old song that was never put on any Matilda album that we're re-imagining, which basically means, it's a whole new song.

M and F - redneck part 3 by Mathilda

For now the song is called 'Redneck'

This is sort of what I'm singing:

Here's a redneck
peck on the cheek.
I'm trading sweets
for teeth.

And how far
would you drive
for my
best impression
of a Sunday car ride

Just because you've found me
doesn't mean that I'm hiding
I just fed
all my friends
to the dogs

Just in case you're listening
doesn't mean that I'm singing
just exchanging feelings
of the things
that I saw.

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