Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cough Drop pt 1

Danny and I sat down and ironed out a couple of songs today...
Thinking I'll upload just one for today, and then maybe one tomorrow, and one the day after.
[If I remember]

Here is an oldie called "Cough Drop" - I think this is our 2nd, or 3rd run through. First time we made it to the end of the song with out totally stopping.

[NOTE: Just noticed on Danny's computer that his browser shows only half the video. If you're having this issue and you use a PC you can right click the video and full screen it. If you're using a mac, you're on your own.]

Videos will look like this now, which (if you even care) is different from the previous videos.

I had to get some new webcam software and a new video editing program. I kind of like this new was better.
Just copy and paste the embed and I'm done.
No more waiting for blogger to upload shit.

And, if you watched the video til the end you may have noticed there are cool effects and transition and cuts we can use now.
(Get ready for some sweet/awful videos!)

Keep your eyes and ears to the internet this week.
More neat stuff is coming.


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