Thursday, May 13, 2010

I went too, too, too. [echo]

Another video from the 5th of May.

I know in the last video post I said I'd upload another video "tomorrow" - And then that never happened, and the first 5th of May video went away.

There were some technical issues with the new video editing/hosting site.
Everything seems to be ironed out now.
Just know, I've tried to upload this video everyday since the 6th.

Only a week late.

The song above is a newer song we're still working on. I wrote it sometime last year, and it has yet to have a decent recording made of it, or does it show up on any album.
Right now it's called "I went too."

The video has our first attempt with us pixelated out.
[don't know if pixelated is a real word]
Then our first and only start to finish run through.
You may have noticed some edits in the middle of the video also... It's because we played some things for just much too long. Both of us were just trying to get a feeling for what should be going on in the song.

But on the bright side:
We do have a vision in mind for how this song will be eventually:

Start with this bouncy/upbeat thing, throw a few verses in.
Hit the pre-chorus, which is kind of punk/dance rock for like 3 bars.
Back to bouncy/up-beat thing, but have some strange improv over top that kind of deconstructs the song.
Back to pre-chorus, then real chorus, and some noodling then done.

Have the day off today, so I might work on it a bit more.

Maybe one more video from the May 5th to come in the near future.
Maybe not.

Not making anymore promises.

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