Monday, March 21, 2011

More songs from the moon.

Yesterday morning, "Songs from the moon" played a strange but nice show at 5AM. We did slowed down ambient/noise-y versions of a lot of newer songs we've been working on and played a few more straight forward [but still slow] versions of already learned songs to close up the show.
What's that you ask?
Why did we book a show that early in the morning/late in the night?
The Assembly Line concert, of course. For the past few years AJ's Cafe in Ferndale has been breaking the world record for longest concert.
I can't remember the exact number of hours each year has been [and am too lazy right now to look it up] but I think last year was 280[?] hours of straight live music and this year is 380[?]
Anyhow, they have been putting the whole thing up on ustream, so anytime in the next few weeks you feel like watching live music on your internet box, click here to see it live.
Or if you wish to see our set, by all means: Songs from the moon at 5AM
Our next show at this same concert is April 2nd from 1PM-2PM.
This is all for now.

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