Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ladies and Gents... Morris Leifer: Producer (among other things)

I've been hard at work with all sorts of odds and ends.
Some seem promising, some are silly, and some are just odds and/or ends.


First off.
Dr. Morris Leifer, [aka Shaun Wisniewski] is putting together an instrumental weirdo-rap/electronic album. I've been making drum beats when I'm bored on computer programs for years now... since before I started the Matilda project in 2003, in fact. So I guess this album has been on my mind for quite some time.
Don't get excited.
Just because I've been making rap beats and electronic music for years doesn't mean I'm good at it. I just like to make it. And in all honesty, it's hard for me to judge it considering I have to hear every little part of each song over and over and over again while I'm making it.
It's like, when you say a word multiple times in a row, it ends up losing meaning [marrow,  marrow,  marrow,  marrow,  marrow,  marrow,  marrow,  marrow,  marrow,  marrow,  marrow,  marrow,  marrow,  marrow,  marrow,  marrow,  marrow,  marrow,  marrow,  marrow]
Same idea goes for the strange rap-esque songs.
I made a Bandcamp for the songs.
The album is going to be called Romance Novels.
Type in the below letters and symbols [minus the brackets] to a URL area to hear the music.
[ ]
Or click on this text.

This is what the album cover looks like:

The songs that are posted on the Leifer Bandcamp now are still evolving... I'll post it up on the blog again when the album is done. I wanted to put some things up, like an un-mixed preview. Then let those songs sit, then work on other Leifer songs while the first group exits my head, and come back to the first batch, post the second batch, and repeat... Like I said, it gets hard to hear the same loops over and over again without them becoming aural nothingness.
And this way, you guys can see the first versions evolve into the second versions... Hear what changed, and what stayed the same. Etc.


My other, other project [Songs from the moon] is going strong. We're playing a couple of shows at AJs cafe in Ferndale in the near future. One of them is going to be an ambient/noise show at 5AM and the other will be a more traditional full band, piano based, folk/rock, percussion heavy, song writer songs. Click the above link for more information on that, and all thing Songs from the moon related. We are also planning on playing an acoustic show, and more big full band shows in the not as near future.

Here is a video clip from our first show... Just a taste. A tease.


Thirdly, -or -Next on the list:

I have plans to make a Matilda split cassette tape with Jon Berz [ex-Blase Splee, current Songs from the moon]. I've made tapes in the past, but never as a end-game product. Always as a "I have all these ideas I need to get down on something and all I have is this old hand held voice recorder from the 90's."
A lot of my first recordings were done on tape. I love the woozy feel. The warm up when you press play. The slow stretch. The occasional strange gaps in parts of noise that happen over time.
It's going to be good.
We're thinking of two or three songs per each tape side. One side would be a couple new Matilda songs and the other side would be a few new songs from Jon. But, the cool thing is, is we're going to help one another record and play on all the songs together. So Jon will be filling out the sounds of the Matilda stuff, and vice versa.

[Excitement... like a lot of it]



My good buddy Danny has been working on a home-made synthesizer for a while now. And when I say "working on," I mean he's building this mother-fucker from scratch. Well, the first incarnation of it is finally done and he's left it with me and my fiance to do some art work on the box. Can't wait to turn his project into something he can't stand to look at. [wink]

This is what it looks/sounds like.

Pretty neat.

The coming days/months should be interesting.

Here's to new work.

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