Thursday, June 9, 2011

New album in the works... Don't tell nobody.

Howdy Reader.

Me and Matilda and Dotty have been working on new material.

How much new material?

A fair amount.
We recently recorded one instrumental (tentatively titled, "Says Me"), one normal sing-y song-y (tentatively titled, "That's One Big Fucking Bird"), and one ballad which currently has 4 versions (probably going to be called, "It's Not Supposed To Be Like This pt. 1").

The ballad has been recorded four times because I just keep thinking of new ways to do it so I try it that way. Or I record something and get another idea, and record that with the first thing and it just turns into so much audio-crap piled on top of one another that I feel it has lost the feeling.


We're not sure when things are going to be nearing the "done" stages, but the work has been steady.
We're not sure how many songs are going to be recorded before it feels like a done record, but we have about 14 - 18 (depending on how we cut them up) ready to go.
We're not sure what were going to call the new one, but the code name right now is Fishnets and Regrets.
I guess when it comes down to it, we're not exactly sure about a lot of what is going on for this album in progress...
But we do know a few things.

We are sure that we're having a nice time.
We're sure we're trying to make a good record this time.
We're sure that there is a possibility some of you will like it, or at least like us enough to listen to a few minutes of it, tell us you listened to the whole thing, tell us, "Yeah, it's good. I like it," even when you didn't really like it and it didn't hold your interest.

The good news is, I've decided to preview version 2 of 4 (or as I like to call it, 1.1 because it's the same song) of the ballad mentioned above.

  It's Not Supposed To Be Like This pt 1.1 [work in progress] by Mathilda

Hope it hits your ears at a good angle.

We love you...

For realz.

--The man and women of Matilda

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