Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Split CD and other things.

Remember a while ago we talked about this split tape I made with Jon from the Moon.
Remember? There was like pictures of cassettes and stuff?

Well, anyway, we're re-doing that but doing it different from the first time.
For starters both sides of the tape are getting remixed and some things re-recorded. Jon's side will be getting a bit more done than mine, but I still plan on fixing up the Matilda tracks quite a bit.
Probably new guitar tracks, definitely new bass tracks, maybe new vocals, and maybe stretching out the opening instrumental.
We're also taking the cover songs out of the mix and writing a brand new two part song to bridge the two sides together as one.

And one big difference, this split tape will be a split CD. So no more dusting off that old tape deck to Matilda and the moon make love and break up.

More info coming soon, but I'm needed in the basement now for tracking!

Here's some pictures on Jon doing a guitar track, and drinking coffee with a guitar on.

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