Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 is Happening

Hey all, it's been some time.

We've missed you.

I miss you.

So, it's 2013 and if you're reading this it means we're still alive. The end of the world didn't come and we're glad about that. But now that we're certain that death isn't coming in the form of, "the end of the world" in mid December of last year, we feel it's time to keep moving forward.

What have y'all been up to? How's life?

We've been busy over here. Work, and a big trip up north in October, and the holidays, and many other troublesome time-eaters (mainly video games (more specifically, Minecraft)) have distracted us from working on Matilda.
But we weren't  on a total hiatus. In fact, we just played a show last week at Found Sound in Ferndale. At the show we released a new CD version of the Porn on TV split with remastered sound, new recordings of some of the sound in the songs, and two totally new songs to replace the cover song that appeared on the cassette.

On top of this, Jon Berz and I have been stocking the catalog of our record label (Simple Living Ferndale) by working toward Songs from the Moon recordings, signing and recording a new two piece punk outfit called The Counter Elites, making new merch to sell, editing and writing works of literature to be released on the label as well as researching book binding techniques, making videos, and et cetera, et cetera.

So, yeah. We've not been asleep at Matilda. Just expanding.

But with that in mind, 2013 is a big year for Matilda and we want to make it great. September of this year marks 10 years of Matilda music, and we think that's something to celebrate.

So we have a few ideas of how we want to celebrate, and those details will be released in time... not because the details are a secret, but because the details are not yet ironed out.
The general ideas:
1.Finally finish the full-length "Fishnets and Regrets" that we've been half-ass recording for the better part of a year. 2. Release small batches of the Matilda back catalog on Simple Living Ferndale (full release, with proper packaging, credits, art work, inserts, etc),
3. Something special to actually celebrate 10 years of making all things Matilda. We're thinking of maybe re-recording some of our favorite songs, or going back through all the old tapes and wav files to find songs that didn't make the cut, or alternate version of album songs.

#3 is still in the works in our brain, so no promises on that.

Anyway, that's all for now.
I'll leave you with some photos of the last few months that we've been away.

Love you guys.

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