Monday, May 9, 2011

Matilda and Morris sitting in a tree

Dear Friends:

Because I've been in music mode for the last few months, I just can't stop working on things in my free time.
Last night I finished writing 2 new Matilda songs which will appear on the next LP. I will hopefully get working on that as soon as I finish the split tape. The album is tentatively titled, "Fishnets and Regrets" - but don't quote me on that (even though it's in quotes up there)...

But the split tape is nearly done. I have a few small recording changes and mixing issues to finish but I'm working on those Tuesday and Wednesday and should start copying tapes and hand-making sleeves by the middle of this week.

A few bits of info about the tape.
There will be 75 cassettes.
All of the art, sleeves, and text will all be hand drawn, painted, folded, glued, etc.
The tapes themselves will come in 3 different styles: Black, Clear, or White.
Each side of the tape is 15 minutes (and we're both going to fill the sides to the max)
We're both going to release a free digital single from both sides on Friday the 13th of May, 2011.
You can purchase the tape for $4.00 (edit: inflation) $5.00 at our release show [05/20/2011] at the Phoenix Cafe in Hazel Park, or you can order one from: Simple Living Ferndale. Or you could just e-mail me or Jon and ask for one.
Each side of the tape will have a group of original songs as well as a secret cover song shhhhhhhhhh.
If for some reason you're thinking, "Hey, I don't have a tape player and I really want these songs on my Ipod damnit," ... Well, we're working on that. We might make CD-R's once the tapes run out, or perhaps post the songs on a website for download if you bought a tape... I don't know, we'll figure it out.


Early in the morning when Julie is still sleeping I've been working on the Morris Leifer album. I've finished a few new songs for it, and re-did some of the ones I already posted. I'm currently uploading some of said songs to the bandcamp page. If you liked the initial songs, you may or may not like these songs, because I changed them...
But if you didn't like the initial songs, there's still a chance you might not like the new versions, because they sound like the old versions, only better (in my opinion). So here's that link:
  [  ]

This is all for now.

Thank you.

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