Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Duck and Cover[s]

Our show is next Friday.
That's the 16th of July.
We're playing first.
We're playing to a crowd of people who all know us, which, is probably a lot more nerve racking that playing to strangers, but we'll see how it goes...

I can't remember the address exactly, but if you really want to go, just get a hold of me or Danny and we'll let you know the exact location and time. Even if I could remember it off the top of my head, I'd feel weird about posting it on a blog. It's a house show. Some one actually has to live there after the night is over. I'd feel bad about inviting the whole internet.

Sorry internet.

Here is a bunch of shit for you to watch/listen to.

It feels like we're getting better, but we may not be.

Instead of always calling this "untitled" or "# 26", I'm changing the name to "Fishnet and Regret" for tonight. Maybe it'll be called something else next Friday.

"2 birds 1 Stone"

This is what I'm saying:

You're still sleeping in my big bed
Leaving your scent
On the exact same sheets
That we
Slept in
In our first apartment

But now you're not mine anymore
I don't yet have the heart to
Let you sleep on the floor
In a house we moved in to
With a few of your friends

So for me
It's been weeks
Under strangers sheets
And tonight I feel weak

So for me it's been weeks
Under strangers sheet and when I feel weak
I reach for
All the bottom shelf drinks
Because they're cheap
And they'll put me to sleep

And if I don't wake up anymore
Fuck the dual funeral
It just seems forced
Just promise you won't
Bury her next to me
I'm afraid we'll be in love when we sleep

And after years of being underneath
An earthquake could shake
Our caskets and we might be touching
Our corpses cuddling
While we eternally dream

Don't let it be
Two birds under one stone

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