Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Duck[s] and Cover

Blogger was acting a little weird on me during my last post.

I tried to upload 4 videos and it error-ed out two of them...

So I'm trying to upload a few more in a separate post with a similar name. So if you haven't seen the other post called "Duck and Cover[s]", then check that one out too.

The videos in the last post, as well as this one, all come from the same rehearsal.

The first video shows the birth, life, and death of many cover songs.
Starting as a joke, I told Danny that one of his drum parts sounded like a Blink -182 song, then decided to play "Damnit" - Then totally regretted it.

Then Danny wanted to test my Weezer song knowledge, so we went through 4 at random. Some of them I hadn't played or listened to in quite a while.

It's all about having fun when your practice room is about 96 degrees with no fans or air movement.

So here's "Damnit El Scorcho Say It Ain't So In the Garage My Name Is Jonas"


Here is a preview of a new songs we're ironing out. Tentative title is "Says Me Street." What you'll hear see is us working on verse one and chorus/freak out which is worded for you below.

I'm saying:
Bet you're nobody's Big Bird
Bet you're nobody's swan
Bet you're nobody's ugly duckling
Stuck face down in the swamp

The truth is gorgeous
And you're oblivious

[There are more lyrics, but it'll wait until the song is done.]

Remember this is our first time around it. Don't expect quality.

I'm debating on if it is a good idea to bring my laptop to the house show, just for documentation...
Because that's what I want this blog to be.
A history of this band.
The evolution of our songs and shows and ideas.

Maybe I'll just bring a camera and have Julie take pictures/vids.

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