Saturday, July 17, 2010

They came, they saw, they exited the basement...

We played our first show yesterday!

Felt really good!

Aside from sweating so much that I couldn't see, everything seemed nice.

I'd like to thank all ya'll who stayed down for the whole set even though it felt like we were in an incense filled dryer with a mold and cigarette scented dryer sheet set on high heat.

I'd also like to thank Chops and Jason for having us over, and doing their things.

Our set list was:
[Improvised warm-up tune]
1 Cough Drop
[Guitar Tuning]
2 Memorial Day Dream
3 Black n' Yellow Shirt
[Broken String repair]
4 End of the Park
[Guitar Tuning]
5 Untitled # 26 (fishnets & regrets)
6 Two Birds, One Stone
7 Sea Life

Here are some pictures courtesy of Jon Berz.

More to come soon... We had Jon also record the show with a nice little hand held recorded, and there was videos taken.

After I filter through all of it, I'll be posting it.

Thanks again.

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